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Only take advice from an expert who has been an Au Pair

Everything about au pairing, living abroad, fitting into a family, learning the language, dealing with children and their parents, solving unknown problems, dealing with unfamiliar situations can be challenging, but with hindsight it is great fun and a once in a life time experience.
This blog is also about preparing families to be the best, making an au pair hosting as smooth and enjoyable as possible. I am using my own childcare, teacher, former au pair as well as our host family’s experience.

Au pair placement is one of the most popular ways of living abroad and arranging live-in childcare. I would like to help all of you to succeed in this exciting period.
As a former au pair and expat I know this subject inside out.
I hope you will find my advice helpful!

Your first few days with your host family (Tips for Au Pairs)

Your first few days with your host family In the few days of your stay with your host family, you should Play and be with the children and visit with the host family as much as possibleYou may feel shy or homesick, but spending time with your new host family will help you bond with them and become comfortable more quickly than if you spend your free time alone in your room. Ask how to... Read more

Homesickness and how to handle it (Tips for Au Pairs)

Homesickness and how to handle it Homesickness It is quite likely that you will be homesick-- longing for your home or family-- at some point while you are an au pair in abroad. It is only natural and is not something that should embarrass you. It is not a sign of failure to admit that you're missing home. By travelling abroad as an au pair, you have made a bold statement of... Read more

5 tips to help you study English faster (English Perfect)

5 tips to help you study English faster 1. Keep Trying! Don’t Give Up! Professional athletes practice a lot. They weren’t born professional athletes. A ton of hard work and hours went into being so good at what they do. They could never be a professional soccer or baseball player without trying. If a professional athlete stopped practicing today, their skills would get worse. They... Read more

How to be a successful host family? (Tips for host families)

How to be a successful host family? ChildcareAn au pairs main responsibility is to take care of the host family's children. The au pair is expected to play with and occupy the children, help with their homework and take them to school, kindergarten or to their other activities. In addition, the au pair assists the family with light housework during the au pair stay, the children get... Read more

5 tips overcoming the language barrier (English Perfect)

5 tips overcoming the language barrier The source is Reach To Teach One of the biggest worries people have when going to a new country is the language barrier. Any traveler to a new country knows that communication with locals will not be immediate. It takes time and practice to overcome a language barrier, but here are 5 tips to help you get started:   1. Be wary of your words... Read more

Is Au Pair Program Abroad Right for You?

Not sure if becoming an au pair abroad is right for you? Test yourself and good luck!