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5 tips to help you study English faster

5 tips to help you study English faster

1. Keep Trying! Don’t Give Up!
Professional athletes practice a lot. They weren’t born professional athletes. A ton of hard work and hours went into being so good at what they do. They could never be a professional soccer or baseball player without trying. If a professional athlete stopped practicing today, their skills would get worse. They would start making mistakes. The more you practice speaking English, reading English, listening to English, and writing English the better you will get. You won’t be able to speak English fluently tomorrow or even next month. Over time if you put in the effort, you will be more comfortable and know a lot more English.

2. Keep a small notebook… write down important phrases.
Write down entire phrases that you hear. You could write it down because you think you will use it, you learned something new, or you didn’t understand. When you look back at the notebook later you will have the whole phrase; instead of one word in isolate (alone, with no example). By writing down the entire phrase you mind remember is like that. Next time you need it, the whole phrase will come out, instead of just one word.

3. Stop Negative Self-Talk!
Do you find yourself saying or thinking negative things about learning English? Such as,

  • You will never learn English.
  • Why do I always make mistakes? I am so stupid.
  • I never know what to say. English is so hard

If you do say these things to yourself, then you do have negative self-talk about learning English.

How do you fix negative self-talk?

  • Recognize you are being negative.
  • Rephrase or change your statement. State the negative in a different manner.
  • Being positive will help you learn English quicker!

4. Set goals- Know why you are learning English!
What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to speak English fluently? Do you want to get a job speaking English? Are you going to travel to any English speaking country? Do you need to know English for University? Do you want to learn English because all of your friends speak English? Think about why you are learning English and set some goals.

  • How long will you study English?
  • How will you study or learn English?
  • What specifically will you do to learn English?
  • How will you know when you meet your goal?
  • What will happen when you meet your goal?

5. Try something new!
Have been trying to learn English the same way for the last year? Three years? Seven years or more? Try something new! Change is good for you. It will help you grow.

  • Try listening to English podcast.
  • Take an online English class.
  • Listen to music in English.
  • Watch TV or news in English.
  • Watch YouTube English Lessons
  • Take a class from a different teacher.
  • Do a language exchange online or in your city
  • Find an English speaking friend (native or not)



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