Welcome to Aupairfect!

Only take advice from an expert who has been where you want to go to!
I love this phrase because it’s just so TRUE when it comes to au pair placement.
I was an au pair many years ago so I am fully aware of all the pitfalls and of course all the advantages of the au pair program, and I also know all the au pair rules inside out. 
This period was very inspirational, that is why I wanted to create something useful for you!
As a teacher and adviser
I know very well how important it is that you get ready for this program. Our experience based au pair training will help you to be the best au pair since it is in your and your host family’s common interests.
To find a great family for you is not a big deal, since the demand is so great, but to make you ready for this job that is really important!
Aupairfect is all about you, to support your decision, to arrange all the small details and to make your dream come true.
Our staff is expert at recruitment and consultancy with an excellent understanding of the needs of both Family and Au Pair.

Katie Varga Mateidesz

Why Aupairfect?

Finding an au pair job is not a DIY project! You do not need to Do It Yourself!
We are here to link you up.

  • Linking you up with the most suitable host family
  • Supporting your settling-in and making you prepared to live and work in a foreign country.
  • Ensuring that both parties are satisfied by our careful selection process and tailor made training
  • Working with reliable partners all over Europe to provide a high quality and caring au pair service to child carers and families.
  • Using extensive and hands-on experience and dependable networks.
  • Listening to and understanding the host families as well as au pairs requirements
  • If any party is not suitable, we will endeavour to find a replacement
  • Having an excellent reputation with both families and au pairs

We look forward to hearing from you!

Let me introduce myself as the owner of Aupairfect website.
My name is Katie and I lived and worked in Switzerland for one year and in England for five years.. In the beginning I made my living as an au pair, and for five years I gained considerable practical experience of Intercultural Au Pair Program, recruiting people and giving advice on how to live and build a career abroad.
the au pair I started the program relatively late and as an economist and teacher my main aim was to improve my English and to extend my experience, expertise and employable skills.
During the five years I moved up my career ladder. I was an au pair for two families, held financial and advisory positions working for Oxfam which is one of the biggest worldwide charity organisations and for a local estate agent.
My knowledge of the English language became perfect; I met plenty of wonderful and caring people and also learned a great deal about myself.
During this time I got to know the au pair industry inside out, and I gave advice to many au pairs from Hungary. I used my experience to establish my advisory business and I believe I can be an asset to anyone who would like to start a brand new life abroad as an au pair.
With hindsight taking part in the au pair program and living abroad was the best decision I ever made and it was worth it.
I will share my story with you in my blog and I hope it will encourage you, give you a good example and help you to make a good decision.
I've been lucky. Opportunities don't often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them!

Aupairfect au pair training

Join our bilingual E-learning Au pair course to be a professional au pair and get ready for living, working and studying abroad.

You will learn about:

By taking our au pair course, you will develop the skills needed to be a caring, trustworthy, responsible, and competent au pair.

And which the best part is…

Our au pair training will be available in E-learning course. Using this method, you can study at your own pace, in your free time from your chair.

Be safe with Aupairfect!

We would strongly recommend working with Professionals. By choosing to go through reputable agency, you are choosing a safer, more secure route for finding an appropriate family to live with and moreover you will be advised and supported at all times.

Newspaper, internet advertisements or one of the many web-based matching services may appear to be acceptable and inexpensive alternatives for securing an au pair placement.

Experienced au pairs help, be safe with aupairfect! Here are 10 potential risks you do not have to face when you use Aupairfect

  • high probability of unsuitable host family
  • absence of a written contract
  • little or no experience in the au pair industry
  • lack of professionalism
  • non-existent standards or guidelines
  • insufficient references
  • danger of document falsification
  • no rematch policy if the initial placement is unsuccessful
  • no local support during the placement
  • limited understanding of national au pair regulations

Our partners are full members of both the International Au Pair Association, and the British Au Pair Agencies Association the only not-for-profit association to set standards for British au pair agencies.