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The process of finding a job and a place to stay abroad can be long and frustrating. As a former au pair, teacher and adviser I can fully understand all your needs and worries when it comes to living in a foreign country. We offer a complete personal service understanding your particular needs - after all, all of you are different. You can also contact us by phone or by email at any time as we are here and happy to help you at any time. You can take advantage of our tailor made service packs depending on your necessities and requirements. Please, read our short au pair program information here. Au pair experience – We make you get ready!


Before your travel


We create your profile

Your profile is your personal business card! The more detailed and informative your profile is the better chances you have to find a host family. When creating your profile try to look at yourself from a host family’s point of view searching for an au pair. What is really important for this family? The fact that you want to get acquainted with the host country, learn its language and wish to travel is good. But is this the most important thing for the host family as well? Definitely not! Your desire to care for the children of your host family should come first., You should like to play with them, to do handcrafts, to sing, spend time with them as an elder sister (or elder brother) and have fun together. Our application process instruction will help you to create an attractive and honest application package.


Documents for the application package

  • Friendly host family letter
  • Honest character reference
  • Two attractive childcare references
  • Medical certificate
  • Police check
  • Copy of the ID card / passport
  • Photos


Interview advice

The interview stage is an important part of the selection process. You should get a good impression of the family on the phone or Skype. A job interview can be frightening even in your native language. Our training gets you prepared for it and you must be sure it will run smoothly. Please remember: your host family also knows you only from your profile and the phone calls. They take a risk as well and do not know what kind of person comes to their house.


Link you up with the former au pair

Another way you can learn more about a future host family is by talking to their former au pairs. Your host family might still be hosting an au pair at the moment whom you could call or contact via Skype. We arrange for you to contact them! You can exchange information and get a good idea what to expect in the family. You may also get some good ideas how to best manage situations.


Au Pair Handbook

The Au Pair Handbook has been designed to provide you with practical information about the au pair job and living in a foreign country. This handbook provides information on how to prepare yourself for your time and for your au pair duties, and how to settle in for a successful year with your new host family and community.


We will hold your hand after your arrival


Network list

You will receive a list of our au pairs who are already living close to your area. You can keep contact with them to share your experiences and just to prevent you from feeling alone. One important piece of  advice! It is good for your soul to keep in touch and communicate with native speakers but it is definitely bad for your language.


Language school recommendation

However, you should have some basic language skills before you travel. The main purpose of being an au pair is to improve your language skills. If you don’t speak the language at all, or just barely, please take a course before you leave. It is in your best interest, and of course necessary to be able to communicate in everyday situations. We are here to help you to find the most effective training course to get you prepared for your new position.


Support at key moments

After your arrival abroad, during your settling-in period you and your family back home can contact us any time, we have a 24 hour emergency helpline. We are here for you and please feel free to turn to us for any advice, or even if you just want to share your new experiences.


Ideas of Childcare activities and entertainments

Children love to be engaged in all sorts of activities. Don’t just watch them playing - play with them! Get down on the ground with them. Kids need you to be fun, happy, silly, smiley, creative, and playful.
Entertaining children mainly in a different language is not easy to do. As a qualified nursery and primary school teacher I can give you many ideas to make your position easier, just follow me on my blog!


Further career advice

To change your career even in your home country is very difficult and sometimes a long lasting procedure. If you are thinking of finding an additional position abroad or you would like to stay longer after your au pair placement you would need some career advice. We are here at any time to help you and turn your au pair position into well paid real employment. Have you been an au pair before? Are you thinking of getting back again? We can help you to find the best way of returning.


Au pair training & Handbook


Is Au Pair Program Abroad Right for You?

Not sure if becoming an au pair abroad is right for you? Test yourself and good luck!