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Are you looking to take a short break from your studies or your job? Are you interested in taking part in the Au Pair program but you don’t want to leave your friends and family for too long? Then become an Au Pair just for the summer holidays! Many families are looking for an Au Pair to look after their children while they’re not going to school! Being a Summer Au Pair is the perfect compromise between spending some time abroad, while also not being away from your family, friends and studies for too long. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of this experience!


About the summer au pair program in breaf


If you have a couple of free months and would like to take part in a cultural exchange program, then becoming a Summer Au Pair would be the perfect option for you!  Being an Au Pair during the summer is a great chance to travel to another country, get to know a new culture, have an international experience and improve your skills in a foreign language, without leaving your home, friends, family and studies for a long time. Being an Au Pair during the summer is also a great chance to have an international experience without leaving your home, friends, family and studies for a long time.


How does this program work? 

The summer program is just like any other Au Pair experience but shorter, since sometimes Host Families need an extra help just during the school holidays.

Summer au pair duties

Some of the  during the stay include: taking care of the kids, driving them to their activities, cooking and light housework. Just as in a long term program, the Au Pair will work for a number of hours per week and receive pocket money once a week or once a month. The au pair's free days hould be respected and holidays are proportionally deducted depending on the length of stay. 

Free time & Holiday

Does the Au Pair have any time off? Of course! Discuss this case with the Host Family - but usually, just like in the long term program the summer au pairs haves days off at the weekend, and the holiday is 1,66 days per months, 20/12.

Summer au pair stay

Does the Au Pair program require a minimum stay with the Host Family? The duration of the Summer Au Pair program depends on the country and the family’s needs. Generally, if you’re Au Pairing within the European Union and are a EU citizen, there wouldn’t be any restrictions in terms of duration of the program. In most cases, summer holiday Au Pair jobs can last two or three months, between June and September. 

The au pair requirements

The au pair requirementsfor the summer program are the same as for the standard Au Pair program. Usually the requirements are:

  • age between 18-30 (depending on the host country), 
  • experience in childcare, 
  • single marital status, no own children
  • certain language skills 

Where are you going to be the next summer?


Is Au Pair Program Abroad Right for You?

Not sure if becoming an au pair abroad is right for you? Test yourself and good luck!