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Language schools

Attending language courses once or twice a week while you are in Britain is a way to improve your English and make new friends at the same time. Families must make time to allow you to take the courses.
Most au pairs will fund the cost of the language courses themselves although some families may choose to make a contribution to the cost. The au pair will also have to pay for any course books and exam fees.
Your family should provide help with finding a course and you can also find many of them on the internet. Adult education centres, colleges of further education, universities and private colleges may all run courses for foreign students.

type of course / exam

Type of courses / Exams

Courses suitable for au pairs are often called 'English as a foreign language' EFL or 'English for speakers of other languages' ESOL. There are many different levels of these courses ranging from basic to advanced.
University of Cambridge (UCLES) courses run all over the UK and are very popular with au pairs. They can choose whether to sit exams at the end. The exams are an extra cost but the au pair will have a qualification to take home.

Private teacher

The other option to learn English is to find a private teacher. Of course it could be more expensive than a course but you get more attention and you can grow faster. It is just up to you! I had a private teacher  during most of my stay. It was worth every single penny!

Make the whole world your own classroom!

Living abroad, interacting with different people and another culture open your eyes to the differences that make the world such a beautiful place.
Be open to new experiences. This may sound simple and obvious, but I've found during my time abroad, the more flexible you are while travelling, the more fun you'll have. Live in the moment, and if you're comfortable, never turn an experience down.
You will have the opportunity to make the whole world your own classroom! Trust me it is the best way to be a confident English speaker. After overcoming the language barrier you will be able to assimilate easily into life with your family and be welcomed by the people around you.
Surround yourself with your family’s culture, activities, and lifestyle. English learning definitely enables you to communicate more easily, with your host family and helps your integration.

Voluntary jobs

Voluntary jobs

Having a voluntary position during your time off can get you involved in local activities. You may be able to help with local events, wildlife projects, at the local church or community centre.
There are numerous charity shops all around England. These organisations are absolutely non - profit making, therefore they always look for voluntary helpers. Working for one of these shops will give you a great opportunity meeting different people, and getting involved in different conversations. (Oxfam)

Online English courses

You can find plenty of online English courses on the web. Most of them are free of charge and flexible to use them at any time. These tools don’t replace the English courses and conversations but they can be very helpful for your improvement. Try to find English or American websites instead of Hungarians. (Daily step)

Is Au Pair Program Abroad Right for You?

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