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Only take advice from an expert who has been an Au Pair

Everything about au pairing, living abroad, fitting into a family, learning the language, dealing with children and their parents, solving unknown problems, dealing with unfamiliar situations can be challenging, but with hindsight it is great fun and a once in a life time experience.
This blog is also about preparing families to be the best, making an au pair hosting as smooth and enjoyable as possible. I am using my own childcare, teacher, former au pair as well as our host family’s experience.

Au pair placement is one of the most popular ways of living abroad and arranging live-in childcare. I would like to help all of you to succeed in this exciting period.
As a former au pair and expat I know this subject inside out.
I hope you will find my advice helpful!

Au pair phone interview tips (Tips for Au Pairs)

Au pair phone interview tips Be Prepared to the Interview Prepare for a phone interview just as you would for a regular interview. Compile a list of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as a list of answers to typical phone interview questions. In addition, plan on being prepared for a phone conversation about your background and skills. Practice Interviewing Talking... Read more

Au pair travel preparation tips (Tips for Au Pairs)

Au pair travel preparation tips Packing As the day of departure come closer, you will need to sort out your wardrobe and select clothes that will be compatible with the climate and your job you are going to. Try not to overload yourself, since by the end of your contract you will have accumulated as much again. It will probably be a while before you establish a social life, so... Read more

Learn French from native speakers as an au pair (Language Perfect)

Learn French from native speakers as an au pair Many of us discover a common feeling when we learn French at school, or in a language course. You’re in the middle of your French immersion and you’ve just mastered a particularly tough bit of grammar, you’re feeling hot on your recent vocab, accent’s improving and you’ve just smashed a lengthy conversation exercise. You’re in the zone... Read more

Easter activities for children (Tips for Au Pairs)

Easter activities for children Baking Kids love to have fun in the kitchen and what better way to keep them occupied at Easter time than baking! From little fairy cakes to chocolate crispy cakes to biscuits, there is nothing more enjoyable. When you have made some yummy treats, invite the family around or pop to the grandparents' house with the kids to show off their culinary... Read more

Eastern in Britain (What's New?)

Eastern in Britain   Easter is the most important festival in the Christian church year. It begins with Good Friday. The Romans killed Jesus Christ in Jerusalem about two thousand years ago. Christians believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his Crucifixion. Why is Easter on a different day each year? This is because Easter Sunday is the... Read more

Is Au Pair Program Abroad Right for You?

Not sure if becoming an au pair abroad is right for you? Test yourself and good luck!