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Only take advice from an expert who has been an Au Pair

Everything about au pairing, living abroad, fitting into a family, learning the language, dealing with children and their parents, solving unknown problems, dealing with unfamiliar situations can be challenging, but with hindsight it is great fun and a once in a life time experience.
This blog is also about preparing families to be the best, making an au pair hosting as smooth and enjoyable as possible. I am using my own childcare, teacher, former au pair as well as our host family’s experience.

Au pair placement is one of the most popular ways of living abroad and arranging live-in childcare. I would like to help all of you to succeed in this exciting period.
As a former au pair and expat I know this subject inside out.
I hope you will find my advice helpful!

Travel safe code (Help me! I am moving abroad!)

Travel safe code There is majority of young people travelling overseas and within Europe to have a great time, a memorable holiday, or work abroad. It is a good idea before you go anywhere alone to have a Personal Safety Plan. Here are some advices to protect yourself anywhere you are travelling around the world. Stay in contact Does your mobile work abroad? Do... Read more

Fun Recipes for Children (Bilingual Au Pair Training)

Fun Recipes for Children A sandwich is a good start to making a nutritious meal or snack. Just add a few extras to a favourite sandwich and you have a meal that most young children will eat and enjoy. For example, the following is a suggested lunch menu: • Apple and tuna sandwich • Carrot or celery sticks • Glass of milk • Cookie Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich... Read more

History of Valentine’s Day (What's New?)

History of Valentine’s Day How did St. Valentine become associated with love and romance? Get the full story behind the holiday. Conversation hearts, truffles galore and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates—these are the symbols of Valentine’s Day for many lovers around the world. But why do we have a “sweets to the sweet” tradition every February 14? While the roots of... Read more

101 Game ideas you can do with children (Tips for Au Pairs)

101 Game ideas you can do with children Children play might seem like all fun and games to you but to babies and young children it is much much more. In other words playing is the way children learn, which means it is never waste of time. The more children play the more grow intellectually, physically and socially The following website help you to figure out what you should do with the... Read more

Self Study Ideas for Beginners (Language Perfect)

Self Study Ideas for Beginners As an au pair you will have lots of chances to practice the language of your host country. Finally you got there to do that! :)Here are some ideas for improving your language skills even it is the English or not! Speaking Activities Talk to lots of people in the neighbourhood and when you are shopping. Phone someone else that is learning English... Read more

Is Au Pair Program Abroad Right for You?

Not sure if becoming an au pair abroad is right for you? Test yourself and good luck!