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How does BREXIT affect the au pair programme right now?

How does BREXIT affect the au pair programme right now? According to the British government, EU nationals can move freely in and out of the UK until the end of 2020 with no extra visa arrangements. For now, au pair placements in the UK can continue as usual.Brexit has been in the headlines for months and months in a very confusing way. At the present time, no one knows exactly what relationship the UK... Read more

Travel safe code

Travel safe code There is majority of young people travelling overseas and within Europe to have a great time, a memorable holiday, or work abroad. It is a good idea before you go anywhere alone to have a Personal Safety Plan. Here are some advices to protect yourself anywhere you are travelling around the world. Stay in contact Does your mobile work abroad? Do... Read more

Au pair programme - Why is it such a popular choice?

Au pair programme - Why is it such a popular choice? Here are only 5 reasons from the many to be considering taking part in the au pair program! 1. It is a great way to improve your language skills Immerse yourself in English 24/7: take lessons in school then practise your conversation skills in a natural, relaxed way with your host family. 2. It is a unique cultural experience By living like a local... Read more

Stay Abroad Safe & Sound

Stay Abroad Safe & Sound Safety is a concern for nearly every traveller, especially au pairs, who are typically young women traveling solo. And even if the au pair herself (or himself) isn’t overly concerned about their safety, there are probably parents and agents back home who are! Below are a few tips for staying safe abroad. Make sure you are healthy before you... Read more

7 Tips to Help You While Living Abroad

7 Tips to Help You While Living Abroad 1. Keep an open mind Only through experience will you understand another culture. You must keep an open mind, leaving prejudices behind, in order to observe the cultural knowledge people are using to organize their behaviour. With a positive attitude, pay attention to the worldviews of the new culture and be aware of what is taking place around you... Read more

Think ahead - Planning your trip!

Think ahead - Planning your trip! Find out about the country you are visiting One of the enormous benefits of travelling to a new country is the opportunities it gives you to learn and appreciate different cultures and traditions. Even though some things maybe strange to you, it is important that you respect other people’s way of life. You know how the old saying goes: When in... Read more

Is Au Pair Program Abroad Right for You?

Not sure if becoming an au pair abroad is right for you? Test yourself and good luck!