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Babysitting - Mistakes you should avoid

Babysitting - Mistakes you should avoid Babysitters fill an important role, so always remember to conduct yourself in a professional manner. Parents will take notice and will be more likely to require your services again plus recommend you to their friends. Make sure you also let the children know that you are in charge and won’t take any nonsense from them. Most importantly, no matter... Read more

Advent Handcraft Ideas

Advent Handcraft Ideas Advent is one of the most exciting times of the year for children (and for some of us grown-ups too!) We have pulled together our collections of advent crafts, advent printables, advent calendars, advent origami and other advent activities to help you enjoy it with your own and your host family. Angels crafts - great ideas from unusual materials... Read more

Fun Recipes for Children

Fun Recipes for Children A sandwich is a good start to making a nutritious meal or snack. Just add a few extras to a favourite sandwich and you have a meal that most young children will eat and enjoy. For example, the following is a suggested lunch menu: • Apple and tuna sandwich • Carrot or celery sticks • Glass of milk • Cookie Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich... Read more

Au pair Magic bag

Au pair Magic bag Emergency Contact ListDuring an emergency situation, it is best to call the parents or 911, but perhaps you aren't able to connect with them. Have the parents supply you with a list of at least two alternative phone numbers (such as their work numbers and a neighbour’s cell) in case they can't be reached. List of Medications and Allergies As the... Read more

Things to Do to Correct Problem Behaviour

Things to Do to Correct Problem Behaviour Understand the child’s feelings Letting children know that you understand their feelings helps them feel better about themselves. If they can talk out their feelings they are less likely to hit, scream, or break things. Say: “I know you are angry, but I cannot let you hit your brother.” Do not say: “Stop hitting him.” Say: “I know... Read more

Babysitting emergency -The first 5 things to do

 Babysitting emergency -The first 5 things to do Take a Deep BreathThe one thing that can really hurt you and the child in the emergency is if you panic. If you panic you will not be able to think or act clearly. Take a deep breath and remain calm. The child will pick up on your nervousness and fear and that can cause them more harm or stress. Breathe slowly and proceed. Look and ActThe... Read more

Make a Babysitting Kit

Make a Babysitting Kit As an au pair/babysitter, you will be expected to entertain and stimulate children and give them good care. One way to become a special au pair/babysitter is to make a babysitting kit. Your babysitting kit can be a bag of games, books, and toys that you take to each babysitting job. Interesting games arouse children’s curiosity, and playing with... Read more

Help wanted - Au pair needed!

Help wanted - Au pair needed! Storyteller pooper-scooper, entertainer, (ability to make funny faces a plus) short-order cook (experience with peanut butter and jelly preferred), floor pacer (must be able to walk and comfort fussy baby at the same time). Should have strong shoulders for a baby to cuddle against and the a toddler to cry on), a soft heart (and a soft spot for... Read more

Bedtime battle and how to win it!

Bedtime battle and how to win it! Many times, the au pairs and babysitters are responsible for putting the children to bed for the night, while the parents are gone. With some children, this is not a problem, but bedtime can be filled with difficulties for others. Here are seven problems that au pairs sometimes have to deal with at bedtime, and I also provide you with some advice... Read more

Is Au Pair Program Abroad Right for You?

Not sure if becoming an au pair abroad is right for you? Test yourself and good luck!