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What are the benefits of going abroad?

Students who study or intern abroad are able to gain insights into a whole new culture that they never would be able to get if they remained in their own country. Interns working abroad are not only able to gain valuable job skills at their internship but also gain an international perspective of today’s global economy.

Students who study or intern abroad

Studying & Interning Abroad
There are many opportunities for students to be able to do an internship along with their study abroad program or they may stay on in the country for an extra semester to be able to obtain an internship and additional exposure to a foreign culture and its people. It is recommended that all students participate in at least one travel abroad experience either during or immediately following their four years of college. For students who are studying a foreign language, internships abroad provide an excellent way to improve their language skills through constant use of the language. In addition to improving foreign language skills, interning abroad gives students a deeper understanding of different cultures and helps them to improve their problem-solving skills as well. Intersips abroad also help students to develop leadership skills because it’s difficult to remain passive when one has so much to learn by living in a different culture.

Studying & Interning Abroad

Prepare Yourself for Going Abroad
There is no substitute for the cultural immersion or new global perspective that is gained by living and working in a foreign country. The key is to take the time to do the research and prepare yourself for going abroad. Knowing the costs and requirements of traveling to another country beforehand will make the whole experience less stressful or frustrating when going through the process. If applying for an overseas study, it’s important to get names of others who have completed the program in order to evaluate the organization you sign up with. People who study, intern, or work abroad will often come home saying that their time abroad was one of the most exciting and life-changing experiences of their life.

Going Abroad Poses Challenges & Risks But Enormous Opportunities As Well

Study, work, and internships abroad show employers that you are not afraid of taking risks and facing enormous challenges. Going abroad takes courage and shows a willingness for flexibility and an ability to accept change. Working abroad also provides an additional business awareness that many job applicants lack. Since many employers feel they lack the knowledge and skills to compete in a global marketplace, they often seek new employees who can understand a foreign culture and who can help them to better meet the competition.

Today's Global Marketplace
In today’s global market meeting and understanding people from all over the world provides a definite benefit to companies who are looking to venture into working with more organizations abroad. Each country has its own business etiquette and cultural core values based on their own belief system and thought processes. It is almost impossible to work with someone from another country if you do not understand or respect their unique perspective when working with them in a business setting. Since there are millions of people in the world from many different cultures it is vital that businesses hire and train their people to develop a unique set of skills that will serve them well when working with diverse individuals and organizations.