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How does BREXIT affect the au pair programme right now?

How does BREXIT affect the au pair programme right now?

According to the British government, EU nationals can move freely in and out of the UK until the end of 2020 with no extra visa arrangements. For now, au pair placements in the UK can continue as usual.Brexit has been in the headlines for months and months in a very confusing way. At the present time, no one knows exactly what relationship the UK will finally have with the EU. But the government has now issued a policy paper that makes it possible for prospective EU au pairs and host families to plan with certainty for all of 2020 and even into 2022.

What has the government said?

In a Policy Paper entitled "No deal immigration arrangements for EU citizens arriving after Brexit", the government gives two pieces of information that are basically good news for au pairs and host families in this transition period:

Three-year temporary immigration status for EU citizens

In its Summary, the Policy Paper states:

"After Brexit, EU citizens who move to the UK will be able to apply for a 36 month temporary immigration status - European Temporary Leave to Remain (Euro TLR). Applications to the new Euro TLR scheme will be simple and free and will be made after arrival in the UK. There will be no need for EU citizens travelling to the UK after Brexit to make any special arrangements in advance."

This means that even under the "worst case" scenario of a no-deal Brexit, EU citizens have a clear, simple, no-fuss, no-expense way to regulate an au pair stay in the UK for up to 36 months. This, of course, is considerably longer than au pairs would like to stay, but it gives a clear legal framework for EU au pairs and UK host families to plan au pair stays through October 2022. 

Stays in the UK through the end of 2020 without a visa

The Policy Paper also states:

"EU citizens who move to the UK after Brexit and who do not apply for Euro TLR (see above) will need to leave the UK by 31 December 2020 unless they have applied for and obtained a UK immigration status under the UK’s new points-based immigration system."

This gives UK families and EU au pairs an even simpler way of thinking about au pair stays and planning them for the next 15 months through the end of 2020. On this basis, no visa arrangements need to be made for EU nationals currently entering the UK, and EU au pairs and host families can take advantage of the shared benefits of an au pair stay as they always have during this period. 

What about non-EU au pairs?

The whole Brexit discussion has no impact for au pairs from non-EU countries or for families that are interested in working together with an au pair from outside the EU. Depending on their country of origin, for these au pairs there are a variety of different ways of coming to the UK. You can find out more about the details of these programs in our information on visas and entry requirements for the UK.

Brexit doubts 

The past two years of shifting headlines and political turmoil in the UK have led to much uncertainty for UK families and EU au pairs interested in an au pair stay in the UK. The newly issued Policy Paper is clearly not a final answer to all Brexit doubts, but it does provide a basis for current mid-term planning.

Michael Stephan, Head of Customer Service at AuPairWorld, gives the following advice: "Clearly, the Brexit story is not yet finished and no one knows for sure how it will finally be resolved. But for now au pairs and host families can move ahead with their au pair plans through the end of 2020 without having to do anything different than what has been done up until now.

 Source: AuPairWorld


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