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Au pair travel preparation tips

Au pair travel preparation tips


As the day of departure come closer, you will need to sort out your wardrobe and select clothes that will be compatible with the climate and your job you are going to. Try not to overload yourself, since by the end of your contract you will have accumulated as much again. It will probably be a while before you establish a social life, so concentrate mainly on your working necessities. Some au pairs are happy to live in jeans, shorts and T-shirts, but you will have to adapt this according to your preference and that of your employers. Whatever you decide, try to look neat and presentable at all times.

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Avoid taking electrical appliances because our system differs from Britain's and the plugs are not compatible. Also you might need your computer, and cell phone charger, so try to buy an adaptor before travelling. You might also want to pack a small items of sentimental value which will help make your new room more familiar and homely. It is a good idea to buy each of the children a small gift to present to them upon arrival. These needn't be expensive; small souvenirs of your home town might suffice, and help to win them over initially.


You must pay for your own travel costs. If you need that we are able to offer advice on travel, but mostly you will have to sort out your own arrangements. You should shop around for the best bargain, remembering that it is preferable to pay extra for a confirmed reservation on the outward journey. Since the family may offer to meet you at the airport, last minute bargains and standby fares are not ideal. It is always better to have an open return ticket, so that you will feel more in control of the situation.


Money /Personal documents

While you are away and on your way to the host country, you need to pay close attention to your personal documents. Your passport is a very important document and should never be handed over to anyone.

Au pair travel preparation tips

If needed a copy of it will be sufficient for your host family. Furthermore, do not forget to take enough money (at least 100 pounds, 200 Euro) and all important telephone numbers with you, such as the telephone number of your host family and embassy. Thus you will be prepared for any contingency.

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