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Your first few days with your host family

Your first few days with your host family

In the few days of your stay with your host family, you should

Play and be with the children and visit with the host family as much as possible
You may feel shy or homesick, but spending time with your new host family will help you bond with them and become comfortable more quickly than if you spend your free time alone in your room. Ask how to find the grocery store, bank, post office, library, and local parks.


Ask how to get from the host family home to specific sites where you’ll need to take the children: school, lessons, playgrounds, etc.
Familiarize yourself with your new surroundings and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Set up a time to talk with your host parents about any questions that, came up their children, disciplinary approach, or household.

Ask your host parents to provide a tour of how everything works in their home

  • How do the house keys and locks work?
  • Is there a house or car alarm? If so, how should you use it?
  • How do the dishwasher, washer and dryer, garage door opener, and stove work?
  • What child-proofing efforts do you need to use to keep their children safe?
  • If they have a pool, what do you need to know about how to use it safely?

Ask your host parents about “house rules.”
Your host family may have guidelines about house guests, television viewing, computer usage, car usage, or a variety of things. Ask them if they have any rules they would like you to follow while you are living with them. Set up a time for a weekly meeting with your host parents. This will be a time when you can both share challenges and successes, ask questions and set goals for the coming week.


If you will be driving as an au pair ask them for giving to you some practice hours
It is important to get familiar with driving on the other side of the rode. You must be a confident driver by the time you start to be on duty.

Get a library card for the local library
You can check out books, movies and CDs for free. You will also be able to take your host children to the library for story time and other events. You’ll need your passport or Identification Card to apply for your library card.


Sign up for classes
Don’t postpone this! English communication is the most important part of your settle in. Furthermore it a great way to make friends with other people, and be more comfortable with others. Be sure to talk with your host family about the scheduling and transportation logistics before you register for your classes.

Talk about your vacation time with your family
Find out if there are times they would prefer that you use (or don’t use) your vacation. Tell your host family now if there are specific times you know you’d like to take vacation (e.g. a family wedding, travel home for Christmas, etc.).


Is Au Pair Program Abroad Right for You?

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