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Babysitting emergency -The first 5 things to do

Take a Deep Breath_The one thing that can really hurt you and the child in the emergency is if you panic. If you panic you will not be able to think or act clearly. Take a deep breath and remain calm. The child will pick up on your nervousness and fear and that can cause them more harm or stress. Breathe slowly and proceed.

Look and Act
The emergency has happened and the first thing you need to do is quickly look. Whether the child is hurt or a situation has risen, look at the child closely and inspect your surroundings. Remove any harmful objects and make way for a safe environment. Do this quickly. It could be as simple as moving a sharp object away from the fallen child.

Listen and Remain Calm
Ask the child questions that will help you fix the emergency. Good questions like, “Where does it hurt” or “How did this happen” can help you determine the severity of the incident. Avoid questions like “Why”, that will only fluster the child. Remain calm and positive, the child will feed off your attitude. Soothe them and assure them they will be fine.

Assess and Call for Help
Figure out what you need: first aid kit, a doctor or police officer. If in doubt always call. If it is an extreme emergency call the police before the parents. You want to get help as soon as possible and calling a parent beforehand can prevent the immediate attention. Once you have done so, call the parent. Remember to stay calm.

Follow Instructions and Comfort
Once you have called the parents, doctor or police. Listen and follow their instructions word from word. They may instruct you to do something you are not sure how to do, don’t be afraid to ask for further directions. Listen to the professional over the parent’s advice. The first reaction for most nannies is to grab and hold the child, but if they have fallen and hurt themselves, the police may instruct not to move the child in fear of hurting something more. You can still comfort, use light touches and kind, reassuring words.