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There is majority of young people travelling overseas and within Europe to have a great time, a memorable holiday, work abroad, or taking part in an au pair programme. It is a good idea before you go anywhere alone to have a Personal Safety Plan. Here are some advices to protect yourself anywhere you are travelling around the world.


Stay in contact

Does your mobile work abroad? Do you have an adaptor plug to allow your charge to work where you are going? Keep any important phone numbers on your Personal Safety Card and always keep local cash on you so ou can make a telephone call.
Store numbers of your host family, trip organiser, and friends if you have any, where you are going.
Keep your passport number on your phone and in a written note.
Share your most important numbers with a friend
Keep your mobile on you at all times.
Keep your Personal Safety Card with you at all times in case you lose your mobile.


Protect yourself

If you have a problem, or feel uneasy tell someone you trust about it.
Tell people (host family) where you are going, and when you will be back.
Try to stay with a group or with a friend.
To avoid drugs or other substances being put into your drink, neve leave your drink un attended.
Make plan about what you will do, if you get lost, so you do not panic. Stay calm and think.


Protect your things

Pack your own suitcase, and refuse to carry anything in it for anyone else.
Keep your many and cash card on your person in a safe place and try not to keep all your money in the same place.