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Babysitting - Mistakes you should avoid

Babysitters fill an important role, so always remember to conduct yourself in a professional manner. Parents will take notice and will be more likely to require your services again plus recommend you to their friends. Make sure you also let the children know that you are in charge and won’t take any nonsense from them. Most importantly, no matter how awful those rotten little devils can be, never let them see you cry.

Trust the kids – One of the first rules you learn when babysitting, is to never trust the children. The may seem like little angels, but they can be lying, conniving, evil little devils. Don’t be fooled when they tell you their parents always let them eat ice cream and stay up past 10pm.
Too nice – Many sitters make the mistake of trying to be too nice and friends with the kids. Always remember that it’s more important to have their respect than to have them like you. Kids will often take advantage of a sitter who tries to be too nice.
Ignore the kids – Some sitters don’t really care about the children and are just there to make some cash. Ignoring the kids is a big mistake and will likely land you in a heap of trouble and out of a job.
Leave kids unattended – Another important rule to follow is never, never, never let those kids out of your sight for even an instant. There’s no telling what kind of mischief they can get into and it also can be very dangerous.
Get attached – A common mistake sitters often make is to get overly attached to the children. Always remember that they are not your children and you can never replace their parent’s affection. Getting too attached to the kids can result in heartbreak.
Don’t follow instructions – Parents usually have a strict set of instructions for the sitter to follow while they’re away. Whether you agree with them or not, the parents make the rules and they expect you to follow them. Not following instructions is a big mistake.
How much to charge – It can be difficult to know how much to charge for your babysitting services, so do your homework. Check with other sitters in the area to find out what the going rate is. Charging too much will prohibit them from calling you back, but you don’t want to be taken advantage of either.
Show up late – Make sure you show up on time and don’t make the parents wait. Being late will start you off on the wrong foot, so always be punctual.
Unauthorized guests – Another common mistake sitters make is to have a boyfriend or girlfriend over without the parent’s permission. Using your babysitting job to make time with your main squeeze is a big no-no and gives the kids bribery material.