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Late in the afternoon your daughter suddenly remembers that she is due to write a test the following day – and needs some last-minute help. Your son has to be picked up from his music lesson and you have another appointment. The parents' evening at school coincides with the dinner you scheduled with your business partners, and your babysitter already has other plans.

Does this sound familiar? For many of us it's everyday family life – there are many fires to put on and not much time to get them all done. Of course, you're always looking for ways to manage things better, to have more fun and less stress with all the different demands that come up in a modern family.

Aupairfect is here to link you up

You need someone security cleared who fits into your family. You need someone who will get on well with your children, but still be able to maintain discipline. You also need someone who can form a good personal and working relationship with you and your partner.
By using our Agency we can guarantee to find and link you up with the right au pair on demand.
I used to be an au pair for two English families and I am a qualified primary school teacher so I fully understand all your needs.
Hungarian au pairs have a great reputation in England. Many of them are working there now and they are famous for being honest, hardworking, friendly and reliable. Here is one of our au pair’s letters of reference. She received it when she left the family after one year working.

Here is a letter of recommandation about one of our au pairs written by her host Mom after nine months working.

To whom it may concern,  

Katie worked for us as an au-pair from August 12 to July 13. She is a lovely lady, has a wonderful nature and is very hard working. She managed my children well (3 boys,1 girl of 19, 16, 12 and 10 years) which is an achievement on it's own as they are not always easy!
She fitted  well into family life with us and would often come on outings with us. The house was always kept to a good standard and I never had to tell her anything twice.
I always found her reliable and totally trustworthy and would have no hesitation in recommending her for another position  

Yours faithfully


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