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Talking to each other helps! Let your au pair know that he or she can always talk to you. In case you have any questions or would like to clarify something, do not hesitate to approach your au pair. This will help you to get to know each other better and make it possible to avoid problems or to solve them quickly.

Au pair schedule

Drafting a schedule can prove very helpful for you and your au pair. Duties, working time, appointments, times of babysitting and free time should be written down. This helps your au pair to know precisely when you need him or her and when he or she may take some time off or attend a language course.

Childcare duties

In addition, you should talk to your au pair about what is important to you when it comes to the education of your children. For instance, you should tell your au pair if you do not want your children to be watching too much TV. You might also need to explain some things to your au pair which you take for granted, such as the use of certain household appliances.

Emergency contact

In case of emergency, your au pair should be able to reach you when you are away. Therefore, make sure that he or she has all important telephone numbers (mobile number, office number) readily at hand. You could hang a list of phone numbers near the telephone. Do not forget to include all emergency numbers.

Family guide to live with an au pair

Advantages for the family

Advantages for the family

An au pair's main responsibility is to take care of the host family's children. The au pair is expected to play with and occupy the children, help with their homework and take them to school, kindergarten or to their other activities. In addition, the au pair assists the family with light housework. Depending on the age of the children, the au pair can also be asked to help them with tidying up their bedrooms. Washing the children's clothes and preparing simple meals are also part of the job. In addition, the au pair may be asked to baby sit once or twice a week. Babysitting, however, forms part of the working hours of the au pair.
All their responsibilities should be detailed in the invitation letter and in the daily schedule.

Advantages for the au pair

Au pairs also improve their linguistic skills in the national language of their host country. The families help their au pairs by communicating with them in this language. Au pairs should also be offered the opportunity to attend a language course. Whether it is the au pairs or the families who pay for the language course depends on prevailing practice in the relevant host country. The same applies with the cost of insurance, travel and mobility. You will find more information on the regulations of the different host countries on our pages Info host countries.


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