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Many dream of travelling to the United States as an Au Pair. We will show you how to make that dream come true! To be a legal Au Pair in the USA you need to apply to the Aupairfect which is the partner of many US Government designated Au Pair agencies. Only approved agencies can provide you with a J-1 Cultural Exchange Visitor Visa.

The United States is a country that many people dream about. The American culture has a big influence in the world today and most of us have already watched teen TV shows or Hollywood movies, listened to American music, dreamed of seeing the skyscrapers of New York, and so on. I also have often heard that Americans are friendly and positive so let’s discover that by yourself. Moreover, if you enjoy learning foreign languages, what could be a better way to improve your English than to live in an English-speaking country for a while? 


What is the au pair program?


The Au Pair program is an international cultural exchange that gives the possibility to young people to spend some time abroad, learn more about a different culture, improve their skills in a foreign language in exchange for help with duties related to childcare. The term “au pair” from French means “on equal terms”, signifying that Au Pair and Host Family treat each other as equals. While the Au Pair can live abroad in an economical way, the Host Family gets the benefit of flexible, affordable live-in child care.


Who is an Au Pair?


An Au Pair is a young person (female or male) between 18 and 26 years old who stays with a local Host Family, learns their language and culture in exchange for help with childcare responsibilities. An Au Pair gets accommodation, regular meals and pocket money for personal expenses. Read about the pros and cons of Au Pair experience to find out if it is the right program for you. 


Three au pair program options in the USA


Standard Au pair

  • Working hours: Up to 45 hours / week, no more than 10 hours a day.
  • Weekly pocket money: $195.75
  • Educational contribution: Up to $500 / year


EduCare / TutorCare Au pair

  • Working hours: Up to 30 hours per week, no more than 10 hours per day
  • Weekly pocket money: $146.81
  • Educational contribution: $1000 / year


Plus Au pair / Au Pair Pro

  • Working hours: Up to 45 hours / week, no more than 10 hours a day
  • Weekly pocket money: $250-265
  • Educational contribution: Up to $500 / year


Quick view of Au Pair USA cost - Services and fees


Of course Aupairfect will not leave you alone. We are always happy to assist you before, during and after the stay. Find out what our services include:

Services before the travel

  • Personal Interview and Support
  • Placement with a Host Family
  • Info package “Au Pair in the USA”
  • Support with applying for the J-1 visa
  • Assumption of SEVIS fee of $35
  • Emergency-Hotline


In the USA

  • Flight to the USA (home country - Host Family)
  • Flight back home
  • Orientation days and workshop
  • Accomoation and lodging at the Host Family’s place
  • Support and assistance during your stay through a local coordinator
  • $ 500 for a language or culture course at the local college
  • Health insurance for the whole stay
  • Monthly Au Pair meetings
  • Access to the Au Pair community
  • Possibility to stay a 13th month for travelling (if you have completed your year of being an Au Pair)
  • Emergency-Hotline


In your Host Family

  • Weekly pocket money of $195,75
  • Use of a car
  • At least 1,5 days off per week
  • 2 weeks of paid vacation


After your stay

  • Certificate of participation


Program Fee

  • 80 000 HUF when signing the contract with Aupairfect Au pair agency
  • 600 $ when receiving the Letter of Invitation from your host family
  • 160 $ visa fee paid for the embassy
  • 35 $ SEVIS fee


Other expenses

There will be other expenses that you will have to take care of. We have listed everything you need to think of:

  • Transportation to your personal interview
  • Medical report (they differ from doctor to doctor)
  • Request of a Criminal Record and an International Driver’s license
  • Passport, if you don’t have one yet
  • Visa fee ($ 160) and transportation to the appointment at the US embassy
  • Transportation to the airport you’re leaving from
  • Luggage costs, if you’ve packed too much
  • Additional costs for a course if it costs more than $ 500
  • Personal expenses during the orientation days and during your whole stay
  • Maybe gas for the private use of the family car
  • Taxes in the USA
  • Flight back if you don’t complete the stay of 1 year

The au pair program is also the most affordable and safe way of discovering American culture and family life.

Au pair training & Handbook


Is Au Pair Program Abroad Right for You?

Not sure if becoming an au pair abroad is right for you? Test yourself and good luck!