For aupairs


Take a first step today! Please, apply for our website today. We will email you back immediately with an information package, and we will call you via phone to get to know you, and find out how to help you!


Meeting / Personal interview


After you contact us by email we will call you to arrange a personal meeting to explore your motivation and provide you with detailed information if required. Then you will attend a personal meeting when you are interviewed and your English is evaluated.  The meeting is also meant to give you an honest and realistic picture of what it means to be an au pair. We will run over your application form to clarify it and make it perfect and your references will be checked. As a former au pair I fully understand all your concerns and with my extended experience I will be able to help you and listen to your needs.


Create your profile


Your profile is your personal business card! We compile your personal application package, check through your application form childcare and personal references to get to know you and your motivation deeply. We correct it and translate it if it is necessary. The more detailed and informative your profile is the better chance you have to find a host family.


Online interview training


It is very important you should be prepared for the online interview with the host family. Please remember, your host family also knows you only from your profile and an online interview. We handle over a complex online interview training with lots of advice to you to be as successful as possible on your interview. We also run a mock online interview with you via Skype to be absolutely ready for the real one!


Searching procedure


Once we have all the information, we will work hard to match you to a suitable family. We will liaise with our partner agencies to find a suitable family that can fit in with your needs. But, you need to be aware that the selection process can take at least 3 months, sometimes longer. It depends on your expectation, and the demand.


We link you up with the family


The prospective host families will review your application and if they feel that your profile fits with their requirements we will send you details of them and will arrange an online interview to get to know each other. After the interview, you get some time to decide if this is the right match for you. Please keep us informed about the details of the interview and your feelings.


Arrange a letter of invitation


On confirmation that both you and the family are happy, we will provide our partner agency with your details to complete the letter of invitation. Once we have received the letter of invitation we would forward it to you immediately and you can start planning for the visa arrangement.


Apply for the J-1 visa


You need to get an appointment at the US embassy to apply for the J-1 visa. Think of all the important documents you need to take with you and leave your house just in time. Include traffic and possible difficulties getting to the embassy in your planning. You cannot be late for your appointment. You have to fill in the J-1 visa application document on this webpage: J1 Visa then it is needed to schedule an appointment online for visa interview. For further information and appointment schedule please visit this website: J1 Visa interview


Prepare for traveling - that's almost it!


After the successful visa interview our American partner agency sends you the flight ticket to the USA. Pack your bags. Buy small gifts maybe and celebrate with your friends and family at home for one last time. You won’t see them for a whole year! The flight is organized and paid by our American partner.


The Au Pair School Training 


Once you arrive in America you will need to take part in training for Au Pairs. You will learn First Aid and get prepared for some situations that might occur during your Au Pair experience.


Arrival at the Host Family’s place 


After the training days you will go and meet your Host Family. Depending on where the family lives, a bus or flight will take you there or your Host Family will pick you up.


Support during the program


You will have full support during your stay with the Host Family. If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to contact us anytime.

Is Au Pair Program Abroad Right for You?

Not sure if becoming an au pair abroad is right for you? Test yourself and good luck!